GBRPG Franchise Kit :: Equipement Cards & Ghost Die

$ 25.00

If you’re looking to open up your HQ in style with literally EVERYTHING you need to get your game on – look no further than the Franchise Kit!

Head to our GBRPG Hub to get all the rules and resources, pick up this set, and get gaming!

The Franchise Kit contains our all-new Equipment Card Deck, one laser-etched Ghost Die, twelve Slime Green D6s, five stamped Personnel Files, and a uniquely numbered Certificate! Combined these with our online tutorials and YOU will be the chosen form of the Destructor… but for ghosts!

 The Franchise Kit has it all:

  • Everything you need to run a 5 player campaign!
  • 50 cards with artwork by Matasm
  • 14 unique items including classic and all-new gear
  • Cards come in a Containment Unit tuck box
  • Laser-etched 16mm Ghost Die
  • All the d6s you need – Made from positively charged ectoplasm!
  • Personnel Cards on premium cardstock, each uniquely stamped
  • Certificate is uniquely numbered - Custom names no longer available, will feature a place for you to write the name
  • Created by Doug, illustrated by Matasm, designed by Cap

Curious what the Equipment Cards and Personnel Cards look like up close? Check out our print and play versions!

Looking to pick up extra Ghost Dice? Get them here!

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