GBRPG Starter Kit :: Equipment Cards & Ghost Dice

$ 12.00

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Ready to put away pesky poltergeists? This kit has everything you take it to the tabletop and get bustin'!

The Starter Kit contains our all-new Equipment Card Deck and one laser-etched Ghost Die – both required materials for paranormal investigations and eliminations. Combined these with our online tutorials and you’ll be ready to show those ectoplasmic entities how we do things downtown.

Head to our GBRPG Hub to get all the rules and resources, pick up this set, and game on! Looking for even more tools to launch your game? Check out our Franchise Kit!

We’ve redesigned and updated the Equipment Cards from the ground up – featuring expanded rules and all-new artwork by Matasm. Our 50 card decks contain enough equipment for 5 players!

  • 14 unique items including classic and all-new gear
  • Comes in a Containment Unit tuck box
  • Created by Doug, illustrated by Matasm, designed by Cap
  • Laser-etched 16mm Ghost Die - As required by the RPG, the Ghost is on the 6, for optimal dire mishaps

Curious what the Equipment Cards and Personnel Cards look like up close? Check out our print and play versions!

Looking to pick up extra Ghost Dice? Get them here!

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