Dungeons & Doritos: The Prequel Comic Issue 2 – Ashcan Preview Edition

$ 1.00

Get a sneak-peek at the second issue of D&D! This is the first 7 pages of issue 2 - telling Jamela’s origin with The Gleamseekers! Previously, this hot little number was a convention-exclusive, but now it can be yours. This preview is printed as a 5.5″ x 8.5″ ashcan minicomic. What’s an ashcan? That’s a budget comic, hand-stapled by starving artisans! Fancy!

Convention-Exclusive 7-Page Preview!

  • Limited-run ashcan minicomic of the upcoming D&D Issue 2! Only 100 made!
  • Jamela’s origin story with The Gleamseekers!
  • Written by Cap and drawn by Tony
  • Autographed by request!