Dungeons & Doritos Poster

$ 10.00

Rep your favorite fantasy roleplaying trouble-makers with this high-quality piece of wall art: the classic group pose illustrated by regular Nerdy Show artist, Tony Baldini!

This poster is not some mere trifle- nay! It is an 18×24 piece of wall art fit for King Dorito himself! These bad boys are screen printed by Mama’s Sauce Gourmet Print & Design Shoppe on fine French Parchtone Relic paper for an aged look straight out of Doritodonia.

It’s the perfect accent for your regular gaming room, your classic rock den, or your dungeonous basement bedroom.

This limited edition 100 print run is signed and numbered by the artist, so get ‘em while they’re hot! OR if you want 'em REALLY hot - we'll burn the edges for a nominal fee.